High-Speed Internet

When I noticed our internet needed improvement, I helped FMTC put Montgomery County on track to be the first county in the state to have dedicated fiber-optics to every home and business. This is a success we can replicate across our rural district. It simply takes leadership and prioritization.

Healthcare & Medicaid

When I heard our rural hospitals were struggling, I called all of our administrators to seek their input and advice on how to help. Our rural hospitals are often the largest employers in our towns and are an integral part of our small communities. The privatization of Medicaid four years ago has been disastrous for our hospitals and is an unacceptable burden on their longevity. I support an immediate return to a state managed program.


When I heard our healthcare providers were struggling to get protective equipment at the onset of COVID-19, I went to work creating inexpensive face shields for our hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. These "stop-gap" face shields are still in use today. When I see a problem, I work to fix it.

Our state government should take responsibility for providing consistent leadership and guidance to our local county health departments. Public trust in our Public Health should be concrete, and the State should shoulder the burden for decisions. Local control should be prioritized, wherever possible, but on a topic like COVID-19, as integral is it is to our daily lives, leadership entails taking the lead.


When a bill was written in the Iowa Legislature to change the way we conduct our elections, I called all of our County Auditors to find out how they would be impacted. Turns out they unanimously disagreed with the bill, and none had heard from Senator Costello, who ultimately voted in favor of the bill.

Voting should be one of the easiest things we do. A single voter facing a barrier to voting is an American travesty. Elections are our fundamental rights as Americans and as Iowans. Our six County Auditors, all republican women, by the way, have my full faith and confidence in conducting our elections.


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