August 4th, 2020

"Norris in the Know" Episode 6 @ KCSI

Iowa switched from a Fee For Service (FFS) Medicaid system to a Managed Care Organization (MCO) model in 2016. The State Auditor's office conducted a survey of Medicaid providers to compare the FFS and MCO models. We talk about the report and how disastrous Medicaid privatization has been for Iowa.

Norris in the Know - Auditor's Medicaid Report
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July 29th, 2020

"Norris in the Know" Episode 5 @ KCSI

Access to affordable, quality childcare is essential for working parents and it has a tangible impact on our entire economy. The challenges we face are persistent and complex, but solvable. The first step is listening to our experts and being involved in our communities.

Norris in the Know - Childcare
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July 22nd, 2020

"Norris in the Know" Episode 4 @ KCSI

Our rural communities have been steadily declining in population. Listen in to my conversation with Aaron West at KCSI in Red Oak as we talk about what economic development professionals are doing across our district and how we can turn things around in our corner of the state.

Norris in the Know - Economic Development
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July 14th, 2020

"Norris in the Know" Episode 3 @ KCSI

Schools around the district are planning to reopen this fall amid a growing public health pandemic. Listen in to my conversation with Aaron West at KCSI in Red Oak as we discuss what schools are doing and compare their various plans to "Return to Learn".

Norris in the Know - Return to Learn
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July 8th, 2020

"Norris in the Know" Episode 2 @ KCSI

Broadband (high-speed internet) is going to play a crucial role in the future of our rural communities. Listen in to my conversation with Aaron West at KCSI in Red Oak as we talk about what broadband is and how we should be encouraging its build-out.

Norris in the Know - Broadband
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July 1st, 2020

"Norris in the Know" Episode 1 @ KCSI

KCSI Radio in Red Oak will host our weekly radio program "Norris in the Know" where we'll take a deep dive into topics important to rural Iowa. Episode 1 is a "get to know the candidate" introduction.

Norris in the Know - Get to Know Joe
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Feb 25th, 2020

Official Campaign Announcement KCSI

"We are neighbors, we are involved in this community because we chose to be here. We have values that we can all stand on, together. And if we can just get beyond these partisan divides and these oddities that have driven us apart, we can realize there's a lot of issues that we agree on."

Official Campaign Announcement KCSI 2-25-20
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Feb 25th, 2020

Norris running for state seat

"Right now all sorts of changes are happening in the Statehouse in Des Moines that affect people here, and they are the kinds of changes that wouldn't be made if someone was here listening to us." - Nick Johansen, The Red Oak Express


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