Feb 25th, 2020

Official Campaign Announcement KCSI

"We are neighbors, we are involved in this community because we chose to be here. We have values that we can all stand on, together. And if we can just get beyond these partisan divides and these oddities that have driven us apart, we can realize there's a lot of issues that we agree on."

Official Campaign Announcement KCSI 2-25-20
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Feb 25th, 2020

Norris running for state seat

"Right now all sorts of changes are happening in the Statehouse in Des Moines that affect people here, and they are the kinds of changes that wouldn't be made if someone was here listening to us." - Nick Johansen, The Red Oak Express

Feb 17, 2020

Norris, Adcock seek Statehouse seats


"Montgomery County Democratic Party Chair Joey Norris seeks his party's nomination in the 12th State Senate District." - Mike Peterson, KMA

Feb 4, 2020

Montgomery County Democrats react to caucus reporting glitches


"Norris, by the way, will have a stake in the June 2nd. Iowa Primary, as he is running for the Democratic nomination in Iowa's 12th State Senate seat currently held by Republican Mark Costello." - Mike Peterson, KMA


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